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Dangerous Air Pollution For Children’s Mental Health

UNICEF claims dangerous air pollution for children’s mental health
Air pollution affects brain tissue in infants and young children and inhibits the development of the brain, which they suffer throughout life.
UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Foray warned that the poisoning of air pollution can affect the brain development of children and called for immediate steps to deal with this deepening crisis in India and South Asia.

Forre, who has recently visited India, “I have seen with my own eyes how children are constantly suffering from the terrible consequences of air pollution.”

He said, “The air quality was at a peril level. You can feel the smell of toxic mist even after applying the air purifier mask.”

Forre said that air pollution affects children the most and it continuously affects their lives because their lungs are relatively small and they breathe twice as fast as adults. They lack immunity.

He said, “It damages brain tissue in infants and young children and inhibits cognitive development, which they suffer throughout their lives and affects their ability to learn and understand. Future evidence Is that teenagers living in high levels of air pollution have more mental health problems. “

Forre said UNICEF calls for immediate steps to deal with this air quality crisis affecting 62 million children in South Asia.

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